Friday, November 14, 2008

Create Long Lasting Change, Instantly

Read below to find out how to get YOUR FULL SCHOLARSHIP (a $150 value) to the Instant Change for Long Term Success Event! I am so excited to share this with all of you!

Join myself, Missy Wilreker and my colleague Clifford Meurer for this One-time Event on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008, in downtown Santa Cruz.

“Instant Change for Long Term Success: How to make simple changes to create more success at work, at home and look forward to waking up each day!”

Do you feel trapped in your life? Perhaps in your relationship or with a job you don’t like. Do you feel like you go through each day and it just doesn’t feel like ‘you’? We’re here to tell you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Often, when things in our lives are familiar, they become comfortable and easy, even when they may actually be unsatisfying. It sure seems easier to deal with what is comfortable than make a scary change into the unknown. But….

Is that fulfilling? NO! Is that helping you to achieve your dreams? Probably Not! Are you happy? Most likely not 100%!

Many of us have that day where we look around at our life and ask “How the heck did I get here?” It’s shocking, but true. You look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself. What happened to those things you were passionate about? The career you dreamed of as a kid, or relationships with people that are fulfilling and exciting. Have you been stuffing all of who you are away to fit in or get along? Once you realize this, the inner battle becomes living in what’s comfortable versus living authentically in the world.

Should you have to choose? We don’t think so!

Are you ready to make the changes you want? It’s Easy! Who would have thought that manifesting the changes of your dreams could be so simple?!

“We’ll teach you how to live passionately and freely using simple step-by-step tools so you can build solid relationships and manifest your dreams more than you ever thought possible!”

You’ll also learn:

- 6 Steps to make lasting change.

- 3 breaths for instant change

- The secret to manifesting positive feedback with every interaction

You’ll walk away from this event with the simple formula for living fearlessly and make the lasting changes you want quickly, easily and confidently!

So, are you ready to break through your fears and live successfully?!

If your answer is “yes” join us on Nov. 22nd at 1pm for this ONE TIME EVENT in downtown Santa Cruz.

RSVP to to register and claim your FULL SCHOLARSHIP!

~Missy & Clifford

PS: We’d love to see you there. Give the gift of positive change and share this scholarship with your friends. Feel free to pass this SPECIAL OFFER on to those people in your life you know are just READY to make change!

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