Sunday, October 5, 2008

Connection To Each Other

A friend posted this on her blog, Reason Enough, and I agree with her that it helps to feel connected. So, here we go:

Sitting... on my futon in my new 'sitting room' up in the woods.

Smelling... the sweet smell of Copal incense from Mexico (oh wait, now a cat used the litter box just as I was typing this...eeewwww!)

Listening... to my housemate and his girlfriend watching the fabulous movie "Into the Wild" and the thumping of my kitties' feet as they dash back and forth happily in their new home.

Drinking... Iced tea (that I refilled after having just knocked it off the arm of the futon - oops!)

Reading... the Mists of Avalon series by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Also Reading... Where the Hell Is Matt? blog and inventory lists for work - ugh

Loving... living up in the hills a little bit, preparing for a new phase of my life

Dreading... financial crunch, the future of the US economy

Eagerly anticipating... What might be just around the corner that is yet to be known, world change, the success of my latest percolating vision on my gifts for this lifetime.

Worrying... that I don't live fully in gratitude and unconditional love; that I am missing chances to make change and help people; if we are going to completely ruin this beautiful place in which we live.

Wishing... to live comfortably and easefully, people could spend more time honoring each others strengths, listening to each other and helping out, for a home that is my own to live in and share with others

Praying... that all being on all planes, in all places and in all times may be relieved from their suffering and know deep deep peace.

Grateful... for every moment and being in my life; for my abundance of love and joy

Sharing... my heart, my smile, my dreams, my compassion, kindness and these thoughts

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Anonymous said...

Nice Missy,

Thank you for your post.

You inspired one person today. That's a lot. You might want to take a nap.

Take care,