Monday, December 20, 2010

I have been in a deeper contemplative mood the last week or two, amongst the chaos of INSANE hours for work before the holidays.

And one thing we've been talking about a lot around the team I work with is that 2011 really feels like its going to be a phenomenal and powerful year. My way of thinking about it, I feel like I stumbled into 2010 and hit the road running without pause to vision and be intent-full. I feel like I am heading into 2011 focused, energize, excited and ready to create a new paradigm for myself and life around me.

How do you feel heading into the new year?

In addition, tonight is the Solstice; the longest night of the year. Today is the day to honor the darkness, honor the inward journey knowing that this is the way through. Now, the light will slowly increase and its time to vision forward to what light will manifest in our lives. I feel like this year's solstice has extra potency with there being a Lunar Eclipse tonight. The moon's wisdom is that of the cycles, of women's mysteries, of the phases of life from ebb to flow to ebb again. It leads me, this night, to consider how my own patterns and phases my be blinding me from my own self, my own spirit. It leads me to meditate on how, in the darkness of my soul or spirit, my shadow self makes it seem as if the light can't possibly be there. And then, from there, I know it is all a reflection of the same spirit. The light was never gone. It's all an illusion!

So, rather than contemplate what "New Year's Resolution" might be the one for this year. I inquire of you....let's share....what reflections you might have in this season. What vision do you want to create for 2011. How do you want to move through the illusion of your shadows, of the darkness, into greater and brighter light?

I know for myself...the light I am seeking is that of Balance. How can I balance heart and mind. How can I balance taking care of myself and having clear boundaries about my needs and desires while still upholding my commitments and fulfilling my sense of responsibility. I am also feeling an ending to many phases of my life, unsure what exactly will fill the new spaces created by letting go. Although I feel deep inner reflection and quietness at this time, I feel exhuberant about new ideas, new possibilities, etc. I can't wait to move my body, to commit to dancing regularly again. I can't wait to balance work and personal and even within my work, to find equilibrium between my brain, my heart and my spirit. I'm looking forward and visioning letting my priestess, my shaman, my healer, my teacher out again to connect and carry forth in my leadership. I am visioning peace, ease, grace, and joy.

Blessed Solstice, my friends,

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