Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Amazing Psychic Healing

A&E just started running a new hit series called Psychic Kids:Children of the Paranormal last week. Last night's episode, Fear Management, featured a family who are very dear friends of mine from Las Vegas.

I was so excited to see Morgan and Brad along with their parents, Marsha and Craig on the show teaching us all about the amazing Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children on this planet right now. I was so proud of the example they set about embracing empathic and psychic abilities and how to use those gifts to affect change and healing in the world. They offered such great confidence and support to the other family on the show and helped let other psychics and empaths know that they are not alone in this world.

Marsha has a wonderful organization, Indigrow, which supports families with psychic kids by teaching parents how to deal with the challenges these kids face in today's society as well as teaches the kids how to work with and live with the gifts they have. I love her dream to create more educational experiences that support and develop these kid's talents rather than quaff them.

The following is a conversation between Marsha Calder and Sylvia Brallier, of the Tantric Shamanism Institute. This conversation is so enlightening and interesting that it is split up into a few different videos below so as to include everything:

Morgan, who is 10, has a little extra video on A&E about the energy healing she does and her work with crystals and stones. I have seen her do energetic healing work first hand and she blows me away everytime. I can't wait to see how many ways she manifests her dreams of healing the world with her gifts! Click HERE for her video

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Alex Awad said...

Brad mentioned starting a ghost investigating unit at the end of that show. My friend and I are huge fans and wanna take a ghost tour with him and Morgan when we visit next month. If there's any way to get in touch with him please let me know