Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some Addictions Are Good For You

Usually when we hear the word 'Addiction', we think of things bad for you: drugs, alcohol, sex, television.....chewing nails (ahem!). I think I might have found something good for me, and even fun!

While in Mexico this year on our annual retreat (of which I will blog more at a later date), Billie handed me his set of spinning Poi to play with on the beach one day. For those of you who don't know what poi spinning is, if you have ever seen people spin little balls of fire at the end of a chain around their bodies, this would be what I am talking about.

Around the circle, I have seen people spin fire poi, fire staff, fire fans, flag poi, etc for quite some time. The Poi in particular always seemed like something that I would totally LOVE, and I do! Once in my hands, spinning poi was like a fish to water for me. I now have my own set of LED poi and practice at least an hour if not more a day!

So, yes, this addiction takes some of my precious time away from doing things I should be doing (like working), however it is getting me off the couch, on my feet, moving my body and working out my upper body every day. What could be better?! (Well, okay, don't answer that :) )

Below is a video from YouTube of someone spinning LED poi like the ones I got. I can only hope I spin this well some day. Judging by the black and blue spots on my body...I'll need more time, but a girl can dream!

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