Monday, November 5, 2007

Shaking Shekre - Mother Earth Sings

There we were, in our second shekere class, shaking it up and having a good time. Suddenly, it was more than just my hands and the gourd shaking. The ground was shaking, the instruments hanging from the ceiling were swinging. Wow! We didn't realize we were making such a ruckus! We stopped....

......the shaking didn't! It's an earthquake!

That beautiful Mama Earth heard us singing, shaking, dancing and awoke! She wanted to feel alive like we felt! I actually loved feeling the sweet vibrations of Mother Earth's voice, feeling the her dance beneath my feet. I felt more connected to her in that moment than I have in a long time.

I know many people have fear about the earthquakes, understandably so. I, however, felt completely in the flow and at one with her vibration. I came away from my first earthquake more at peace than before....

.....and we continued to shake it up! Dancing, playing and Shekere-ing.

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