Monday, November 12, 2007

Self Improvement - where is the line?

So, here is something I think about often in the quest of self
improvement and betterment:

Where is the line between wanting to be 'better' or different and
acceptance of exactly who you are right now?

How do YOU dance that line?

As we head towards the new year, there is often time taken to review
the past year and the future one. We consider what we might want to
change or improve, what did and didn't work. Often resolutions like
"lose weight", "quit smoking", "excercise more" are at the top of the

I just wonder, how do I keep healthy and grow while being accepting of
who I am right now? Do I get stagnant and stuck if I love who I am now?

What do you all think?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Missy, My name is Dona, your post brings many things to mind today. Funny how it all connects. A mutual friend of ours sent me here to your site. I think the reason is because he knew I'd have something to offer.
Self Improvement or "Shadow Work," a term I use in my service to the God and Goddess is something I would hope more would want to do in the future.

The fine line is not for those who walk the path of perfect love and perfect trust to the best of their ability. Th e fine line is do most really every feel satisfied with themselves on any day.

You asked a question that has no answer but to the personal "Shadow Work" of the individual. Self improvement is not getting an A over a B, it's improving ones mindset to live in peace. I ask for release of one negative quality a Sabbat, then ask to replace the negative with a positive feeleng. As you improve what you project to the rest of the world, you improve who you are.
Accepting who you are today or yesterday and understanding that it all connects all that you were, all that you are, all that you will be. So in effect, you are always dancing the line until you move on to the next step.

Peace, Love and Light,